Which test is most suitable for me?

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Not sure which test is best for you? We are happy to help you find out which analysis fits your needs.


Our tests can be roughly divided into three categories: Weight loss, digestion and longevity or general health. 

Which test suits you best depends on the goal you have set for yourself.
To make it easier for you to decide, we have put together an overview of goals and tests tailored to them.


Goal 1: I want to lose weight and feel better in my own body:


In this DNA analysis you will find out which metabolic type you are and learn more about your genetic predispositions in terms of weight development, yo-yo effect, risk factors etc.
In addition, you will receive personalized nutrition and action recommendations that will support you in increasing your well-being and achieving your health goals.
Our individually tailored nutrition plan helps you to integrate all recommendations step by step into your daily nutrition routine.



The WEIGHT BALANCE TEST is a blood test that examines nine biomarkers and helps you to optimize them. 

The selected biomarkers are blood values that influence your metabolic processes and fat burning. They also serve as indicators for various risk factors and can help you to take preventive action at an early stage.

The following biomarkers are analyzed:
TSH, T3, T4, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, t-cholesterol, triglycerides, hemoglobin A1C, magnesium, iron, transferrin, transferrin saturation, total iron-binding capacity 

The WEIGHT BALANCE TEST is also available as a convenient subscription.
In this case, you will receive a new test from us every three months and have the opportunity to monitor and track your progress with the help of the results.

We recommend that you combine the WEIGHT BALANCE TEST with our DNA SLIM TEST. This way you will not only learn more about your genetic predispositions regarding your metabolism, but you will also get information about your current blood values and how you can improve them. Both tests combined will help you to reach your goal in the best possible way.



Goal 2: I want to improve my digestion and find out what my body tolerates well and which foods I should rather avoid:


The FOOD REACTION TEST analyzes IgG4-mediated food intolerances, which are a subset of IgG antibodies.
Basically, the body produces IgG4 antibodies when food is ingested. It is believed that symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, abdominal pain, water retention or skin rash are related to high levels of IgG4 antibodies.
Our FOOD REACTION TEST tells you to which foods your body reacts with a high concentration of IgG4 antibodies, and to which not.

Many cases in practice show that the non-specific symptoms improve as soon as you temporarily avoid the foods identified as intolerable.
Please note that this analysis does not include intolerances and allergies.