How do I create a LYKON account?

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When you place an order in our online store, a LYKON account is automatically created for you.
In this case you can skip the registration process and log in directly with the same email address.
If you prefer to use a different email address, or if the test was given to you as a gift, you are probably not yet registered with us.

To create an account, please download our LYKON app from the Google Playstore or the App Store and you will be guided through the registration process.


To register and log in, you don't have to remember a password, just authenticate yourself with your e-mail address.

Once you enter your email address when logging in, you will receive an email with a link or login code that will take you directly to your account.

This is how it works:

  • Each time you register using your email address, we will email you a confirmation link or a registration code.
  • By clicking on the link you confirm your registration and will be logged in automatically.
    If you have received a code, you can simply enter it in the field provided.
  • The confirmation link will be valid for 15 minutes and will only work on the device you used to enter your email address when you tried to log in.