Which recommendations will I receive in the FOOD REACTION TEST results?

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Your results will include an overview of foods that are assigned to the red zone, i.e. those to which your body reacts strongly and to which a high concentration of IgG4 antibodies was measured. You should avoid these foods for the next 3 months if possible. Our suggested alternatives can help you to do so.
The foods that have triggered a moderate formation of IgG4 antibodies are classified in the yellow range and we recommend to only eat those every 3-4 days. Your body might not at all or only slightly react to the foods in the green category. You can eat these without any concerns.

If you should react to a food and may have developed a sensitivity to it, we will suggest alternatives that were also tested in the FOOD REACTION TEST. These may be similar to the food in terms of nutritional content or taste, or have similar cooking properties.

We also suggest alternatives that have not been tested, since we want to offer you a wide range of alternatives to ensure a balanced diet.

To avoid nutritional deficits, we include foods that you tolerate moderately, i.e. that you should only eat every 3-4 days, in the alternatives.