How does the subscription model work?

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At LYKON you can order blood tests as well as supplements in a convenient subscription.
Depending on the type of subscription, you get a discount of 15-25% on the single purchase price.

There are no hidden fees. The price in the first month is the price you will pay in the following months.

All subscriptions can be easily managed or cancelled through your account.


Blood test subscriptions:

We regularly send you new tests, so you can check and optimize your blood levels.

When you sign up for a HEALTH & FITNESS ADVANCED or PREMIUM subscription, you will receive a free NUTRITION COACHING as a loyalty gift.

You can cancel the subscription at any time after the first delivery. After that, the subscription runs indefinitely. You can manage or cancel it as you wish in your LYKON account.
You are also welcome to contact us personally with your wish to cancel.
Please remember to contact us early enough.


Supplement subscriptions:

You get a full 20% discount on our supplements and are always well supplied with the subscription model.
We will send you new supplements regularly according to the frequency you choose (every 30, 60 or 90 days).
You can change the delivery time at any time via your LYKON account and are not bound to a minimum term.
If you are on holiday, you can of course simply suspend a delivery.
Please remember to cancel your subscription early if you wish to do so.