What is the difference between Lykon tests and a blood test from a doctor?

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LYKON does not replace a doctors' appointment. The small and large blood count, which is carried out by a doctor, is strongly recommended for acute complaints.
In addition to the clinical blood values that your doctor examines, there are many other parameters in your body that are important for your health but are not included in a common blood analysis. The Weight Balance Test, for example, measures your mineral balance, important hormones and long-term blood sugar levels, while the Food Reaction Test measures food intolerances based on an increased antibody concentration of immunoglobulin G4.

Our recommendations for action, which we develop together with experts for you personally, do not replace medical advice, but are intended to help you optimize your personal blood values, such as your vitamin balance.


You can of course share the results of our tests with your doctor.

Most of these biomarkers are not covered by a routine health check-up and would otherwise have to be carried out as a paid private service.