Why do my test results recommend a high carbohydrate intake even though I am not a carb-type?

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Your calorie requirements are divided into the three macronutrients: Carbohydrates, fat and protein.
The percentage distribution of these macronutrients determined in the DNA SLIM TEST results is based on the individual SNPs that are analysed and combined in a specific algorithm.

Based on the general recommendation of the DGE (German Nutrition Society), the daily calorie requirement should consist of > 50 % carbohydrates, about 30 % fat and about 15 % protein. Of course, these figures are only indicative and do not take vigorous physical activity, any pre-existing conditions or certain life circumstances (individual variations) into account.

Depending on the metabolic type, the DNA SLIM TEST results recommend an average of ~32-66 % carbohydrates, ~19-41 % fat and ~11-30 % protein.
This percentage distribution is also to be understood as an orientation.
Especially, the consumption of protein can be adapted to individual needs. This includes, for example, heavy physical activity and competitive sports.
For someone who has been analysed as a protein-type, for example, this still does not mean that this person should consume more protein than carbohydrates, for example.