Can I perform the tests while pregnant and / or breastfeeding?

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Biomarker Test:
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should only perform our biomarker tests in consultation with your caring physician, as our reference values are not intended for the increased needs during this time. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can also affect a variety of hormone and nutrient levels, which means that the results of the biomarkers tested may be different. Our recommendations are of course aimed at a healthy diet, yet these recommendations do not include pregnancy.

Unfortunately, there is still too little evidence on the effect of pregnancy on IgG4 antibody response. For this reason, we cannot make any precise statements on whether and to what extent an antibody reaction like this is influenced by pregnancy/breastfeeding. We advise performing these tests outside of pregnancy to avoid divergent values.

The information of your DNA is not changed by pregnancy. If you have a general interest in your metabolism, you can perform this test during pregnancy. However, you should remember that the recommendations in the report are not intended for pregnancy and the recommendations of your supervising physician should be taken into account. Please note that the DNA Slim Test is a weight management product. Weight loss during pregnancy is not advised.