How long does it take until I receive my test results?

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After successfully connecting your test ID with your user account, your health data will be transferred to the responsible partner laboratory.

Lykon works with multiple partner laboratories. The duration of the analysis may therefore vary. The duration does also strongly depend on the analysis method used.

The analysis of the FOOD REACTION and the FOOD ALLERGIES TEST usually takes up to 10 working days. In some cases, the results are already available one day after our laboratory receives your sample.

The analysis of our biomarker tests usually takes up to 14 working days.
Since the analysis procedure of the HEALTH & FITNESS Premium and the OMEGA-3 TEST is more complex, this evaluation can take up to 20 working days.

The evaluation of our DNA tests can take up to 30 days due to the complex analysis procedure as well as validation of the individual results by a physician.


All other tests usually take up to 6 working days.