Does my medication affect the results of my blood analysis?

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Some medications, such as hormone or pain-relief medications, can influence the results of our blood-based test kits (such as HEALTH & FITNESS or FOOD REACTION TESTS).
Medications may directly affect individual biomarkers, making it more difficult to interpret the result.
If the medication you are consuming is temporary, we recommend that you perform any blood sampling after the course of medications is complete and you have completely recovered.


If you are on long-term medication, we recommend asking your personal physician about the impact of the medication on your blood values.
Always follow instructions for your medications as recommended by your doctor.
Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to provide medical recommendations regarding individually prescribed pharmaceuticals.


General Advice:
It is best to perform your blood test in the morning, before taking your medication.
If your medication is part of your daily routine, we strongly advise you not to change it for the blood test.