I can't get enough blood out of my finger, what can I do?

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The following tips can help you to make blood collection easier: 

  • Drink a large glass of water after getting up and before taking the blood sample.
  • Hold the hand from which blood is drawn under warm water for at least 4 minutes.
    Alternatively: test after a warm morning shower.
  • Move your arm in circular motions.
  • Massage the fingers from the palm to the fingertip.
    In addition, the use of a dry brush can also be used to improve blood circulation.

  • When removing the lancet protective cap, be careful to not press the yellow release button.
  • Before releasing the lancet, press it firmly on the finger so that the needle enters deep enough.

If the blood is still insufficient for the sample, you can use other fingers to take the sample with the help of the other lancets. Please try not to squeeze the blood out of your finger, as this could damage the red blood cells.

Alternatively, you can ask your general physician to help you draw a blood sample from your vein and fill it into our sample tube.

If you do not succeed in taking the blood sample or if you cannot fill the tube sufficiently, please contact us via the contact form on our website.
We will send you additional, new components.