How do I order my personalized MY SHAPE FORMULA?

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There are three ways of ordering your personalized MY SHAPE FORMULA:

Option 1:
To receive a DNA-based formulation, select our premium variant on the product page, which includes both the DNA SLIM TEST and the MY SHAPE FORMULA.
After you have performed your DNA test and received your results, your MY SHAPE FORMULA based on it will be compiled and shipped to you.

Option 2:
You have previously performed a DNA SLIM TEST and your results are already available?
To get your DNA-based formulation, log in to your existing LYKON account, to which your DNA test is also linked.
Among the product recommendations in your account, your MY SHAPE FORMULA should be the very first one suggested to you. Click on the product and order your personalized drink.


Option 3:
To receive a formulation based solely on our online questionnaire, select the Basic option, which includes the free questionnaire and the MY SHAPE FORMULA.
Fill out the online questionnaire and receive your MY SHAPE FORMULA by mail based on your answers.