Which test is most suitable for me?

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You are not sure yet which test is the right one for you? We are happy to help you find the one!

Our tests can be roughly divided into three categories: Weight loss, digestion, and longevity, more specifically general health. 


Which test the best for you is depends on what goal you have set for yourself. To make it easier for you to decide, we have put together a list of goals and the tests that fit the best.


Goal 1: I would like to lose weight and feel good in my own body:  


  • DNA Slim:

Our DNA Slim is a test that tells you what metabolic and sport type you are based on your genes, and how you can best utilize this knowledge to lose weight and reach your goal.

You will get information about which macronutrients your body metabolizes best and which ones you should rather avoid.

In addition, you will learn about your genetic tendency for overweight, hunger pangs, and the yo-yo effect. 

You will receive recommendations, many helpful tips, and a personal 14-day diet plan based on your genetic analysis, in order to achieve your desired weight sustainably and keep it. 


If you would like to see a demo report of the DNA Slim test, you can find it on our product page or click here.


  • Weight Balance Test (myGewichtskontrolle):

The Weight Balance Test is a blood test that analyses nine biomarkers and helps you to optimize them. 

The nine different biomarkers are blood results that influence your metabolism and how your body is burning fat. Moreover, they are indicators of various risk factors and the test can help you to identify them at an early stage.

The following biomarkers are tested: TSH, T3, T4, cortisol, testosterone, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, t-cholesterol, and triglycerides. 

The Weight Balance Test can also be ordered as a subscription. In this case, we will send you a new test every three months. It is the perfect way to keep track of your progress and monitor your results.


We recommend combining the Weight Balance Test with the DNA Slim. This way you not only get the analysis of your DNA and know which metabolic type you are, but at the same time you get information about your current blood values and how you can improve them. 


Goal 2: I want to improve my digestion and find out what my body digest well and what I should rather avoid:


  • Food Reaction Test (myNutrition 100):

This food intolerance test analyses your reaction to the 95 most common foods and tells you which foods you tolerate well and which stress your body. Therefore, the Food Reaction Test analyses IgG4-mediated food intolerances. 

IgG4 is a class of antibodies that are produced by the body as soon as you eat food. It is believed that symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, abdominal pain, water retention, or skin rash are associated with an elevated level of IgG4 antibodies.

This test tells you to which foods your body reacts with a high concentration of IgG4 antibodies and to which it does not. 

Many cases show that the non-specific symptoms improve as soon as you avoid the foods identified as intolerable.


  • Food Allergies Test (myAllergies):

This food allergy test examines your body's reaction to 21 foods in your blood. You will find out which foods you react to with an increased IgE antibody concentration. 

IgE is the type of antibody that mediates a classic allergy. In such an allergy, symptoms appear immediately after ingestion of a specific food (immediate hypersensitivity). 

Symptoms can include swollen and irritated mucous membranes, watery eyes, sneezing, or asthma attacks, and itching.


It is recommended to combine the Food Allergies Test and the Food Reaction Test. In this way, two different types of intolerances are analysed, and they offer you a broader spectrum to find a cause for your symptoms.


  • DNA Prevention Test (myDNA NutriWell):

The DNA Prevention Test analyses your genetic predisposition to sensitivities and specific nutrient deficiencies. The DNA test analyses more than 300 gene segments that are relevant to your nutrition.

You find out your risk for possible sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies, and can thus take early and preventive action. 

To help you reach your goal, you will receive food tables and tailor-made recommendations in your results report. These will help you to better understand your body and your genetic predispositions, and how to adapt your diet to the needs of your body.


If you would like to see a demo report of the DNA Prevention Test, you can find it on our product page.

Goal 3: I would like to know how my health status is currently and how I can optimize it:


  • Health & Fitness:

Our Health & Fitness range consists of three different tests which analyse blood values that are important for your health and fitness. 


Based on your lab results, you will receive an easy-to-understand results report and nutritional recommendations to optimize your health. 

You can choose between the Health & Fitness Basic, Advanced, and Premium. The Basic test includes the analysis of nine biomarkers, the Advanced includes eleven values, and the Premium test evaluates 19 biomarkers.  

You can see which biomarkers are included in each test on our product page in the table at the bottom.

The Health & Fitness tests can also be ordered as a subscription. You will then receive a test from us every three months. You will be able to exactly track your health and how your lifestyle changes are affecting your overall health. 


  • DNA Prevention Test (myDNA Nutriwell):

The DNA Prevention Test is not only designed to help your digestion, but also to do something for your health as a preventive measure. 

You can find a detailed description of the test under the second goal.


  • Individual biomarker tests:

In addition to our other biomarker tests, which test several blood values simultaneously, we also have tests that only analyse individual biomarkers.

There are a total of eight different individual tests that include the following values:

Vitamin D, B12, blood sugar (HbA1c), omega fatty acids, testosterone, iron, cholesterol, or cortisol.


Individual tests are especially useful if you are considering taking a supplement for vitamins and other substances. This way, you can make sure whether the supplementation is really necessary and find out how well your body absorbs and utilizes the supplements.