Do I have to be in a fasted state for the blood sampling?

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Biomarker Tests:
It is especially important that you perform your blood test while fasted, to not falsify your blood values.
However, you can and should drink a sufficient amount of water before your blood test.
It is best not to eat or drink anything (except water) for 10-12 hours before the blood sample is taken, as serum triglycerides rise after food intake.
Since cortisol and testosterone levels change throughout the day, it is critical to take the test in the morning.
These hormones follow a circadian (daily) rhythm and are highest in the morning.


The easiest way is to take your blood sample directly in the morning before breakfast.
If this is not possible, you can also perform your test at another time.
Make sure that you do not eat anything or drink any energy-containing beverages for about 2 hours before taking the sample. You can drink water, unsweetened tea and black coffee immediately before the blood sample is taken.