How do I connect the Test-ID with my LYKON account?

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  • Please log in to your LYKON account using your email address.
    You can do this either through our LYKON app or through our website
  • Website:
    After logging in, click on "Dashboard" in the top left corner and then "Sync Test".
    Select the category "Tests" and click on "Sync new test".
    You may also be taken to the syncing process immediately after logging in.

  • Enter your 16-digit online ID (DE...), which you will find on a card in your test kit.

  • Fill in the questions about the test date, weight, gender, and date of birth, and confirm your data by clicking on "Sync test".

  • Important note: Please wait for the confirmation about the successful connection.
    This should be displayed to you directly afterward.
    Even after linking, we recommend that you keep your Online ID in a safe place.