What is the difference between Lykon tests and a blood test from a doctor?

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Lykon does not replace a doctors' appointment.
The small and large blood analyses that a doctor performs are very advisable in the case of acute complaints. In addition to clinical blood values that your doctor examines, there are many other parameters in the body that are important for your health but are not included in a common blood analysis taken by a doctor.
The Lykon blood tests measure, for example, the vitamin concentration, your mineral balance, amino or fatty acids. Our recommendations for health improvements, which we individually work out with our experts, do not replace medical advice but are intended to help you optimize your personal health, such as your vitamin balance.
A blood analysis from your doctor compares your blood values with normal range values, which are taken from the average of the population. However, since the average person is not optimally supplied with all essential nutrients, these normal values are only of limited significance.
Lykon works with optimal values derived from medical studies to ensure optimal performance.
Blood tests in this range are not available free of charge from your GP - but of course you can have an analysis of some biomarkers tested by your doctor or a laboratory as a private service.
You can also share the results from Lykon with your doctor if you like!