How do I collect the sample for the myDNA NutriWell Test?

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To collect your DNA sample, place saliva in a small collection funnel. Please pay attention to the following points:
Provide sufficient volume (according to the instructions, this should be a total of 2 ml, with 1 ml of buffer already contained in the tube) → Make sure that you really provide 2 ml (without bubbles).

Do not eat, drink or chew gum for 30 minutes before performing the test
Take enough time and don't stress yourself (even though this is of course easier said than done)
To stimulate the flow of saliva, you could try to "imitate" a "mouth rinse" with your own saliva.
These movements will stimulate the flow of saliva as it imitates the intake of food.
After you have taken the sample, close the tube tightly and swirl it back and forth a few times so that the saliva mixes with the buffer.