Is the DNA PREVENTION TEST scientifically backed up?

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The DNA PREVENTION TEST falls under the category of nutrigenomics. This is the science of identifying associations between genetic variations (SNPs) present in your DNA and specific nutritional factors. Genetic variations associated with reduced levels of essential vitamins, minerals or trace elements indicate an increased risk of potential nutrient deficiency.

For example, someone who is at higher genetic risk for vitamin B12 deficiency is encouraged to consume foods rich in vitamin B12 and have their vitamin B12 level checked in the blood.
Supplements may also be considered in consultation with a doctor or nutritionist.
Nevertheless, everyone should ensure that they follow the general recommendations for the intake of all essential nutrients.

Your reports are generated by a digital genomics platform that allows the analysis to be performed according to the most rigorous scientific criteria currently available. The analysis is based on more than a decade of renowned global scientific research. However, please also note that most traits are influenced by three factors: Your genetics, your early environment (0-7 years) and your current lifestyle.
Thus, genetics is not the only determinant of the actual presence of a trait.
Genetic predispositions can therefore only tell you the statistical probability that you are predisposed to a particular trait, such as certain nutritional deficiencies or obesity.